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I'm reading As Always, Julia, a collection of letters between Julia Child and her friend Avis DeVoto. The letters are deeply engaging, even though I don't care overmuch about bouillabaisse, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. The endnotes are a useless waste of paper/bytes, though. Some detail would be nice. Anyway, here is a bit from one of Avis' letters after Eisenhower was elected, which feels somewhat relevant to me right now:
I am in a state about all of this. I comb the newspapers. I listen to the commentators. And I get into fights all over the place. If a Republican knows his place and hates McCarthy and wishes to God Eisenhower would get more aggressive about these bastards, well and good and I will admit him to the brotherhood. If he says nasty things about Truman (who is rapidly becoming the Man I Love although I have been sore enough at him in my time) or still thinks taxes are coming down and we can get out of Korea and we ought to fire all the Democrats in Washington and don’t worry, McCarthy-ism will blow over or alternately Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire—well, dear, I am no lady and I argue loudly and lose my temper and it’s disgraceful.

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Yes, this.

Date: 2016-12-02 02:57 am (UTC)
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I just love it. "Well, dear, I am no lady." GET 'EM, AVIS.
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